Minerva Technology Inc.

Corporate Profile

Minerva Technology Inc. was a Canadian research and development company specialising in high-end embedded systems for scientific and industrial applications. The company was founded in 2003 and by two enginering students at the University of Victoria. The company completed contracts contracts including developing custom data-loggers for: field deployed magnetometers, un-monitored, morkeulti-year deployments on ocean-bottom tectonic strain sensors, and an Antarctic ice-borehole experiment. We developed the flight firmware for the Canadian Space Agency Cassiope/e-POP satellite magnetometer which is expected to launch in 2013. We tested and improved prototypes for the internet-enabled accelerometer network now providing real-time seismic monitoring throughout Vancouver. The company is no longer being operated on a normal basis; however, we still provide support for existing products and clients.

Contact Information

David Miles
Ph: 780-293-4774
6807 Cardinal Link SW
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T6W 1Y9


Jonathan Schmidt
Ph: 778-330-1132
141 Pier Place
New Westminster, BC, Canada
V3M 7A2


MT01: Dual UART Serial to CompactFlash Logger
This unit is designed as a field deployable data acquisition device. It logs serial data to a CompactFlash card while consuming less than 15 mW of power. A control and display interface is provided over a second UART for status/debugging information. System operation can also by monitored by four LEDS which can be disabled to reduce power draw. The board is small enough to easily fit within a field deployable box occupying only a 12x8 cm footprint. The onboard high-efficiency switching power supply is designed to accept an external 5-18 VDC power source, however, a bypass connection is provided in case external 3.3 V power is availiable. An in circuit programming connector allows for quick installation of firmware updates or custom software.


MT01-CORK: Dual UART Serial to CompactFlash Logger for Oceanbottom Deployment
This is a version of the MT01 customised for oceanbottom deployment. Sophisticated sleep and low-power modes provide a significantly reduced power consumption suitable for multi-year battery operation. Customised firmware provides advanced watchdog features to provide reliable and continuous operation for years at a time. Data can be recovered by remote submersible using a high-speed RS-232 or RS-422 serial connection.


MT02 - Intel XScale Low Power Single Board Linux Computer
Minerva Technology Inc. is pleased to offer the MT02 Low Power Computer for scientific and industrial applications. This product is designed to provide robust Internet connectivity and on-site computational power for data acquisition and processing. The MT02 provides a full GNU/Linux operating system based on the ARM Debian distribution. An independent system supervisor and watchdog is provided with a standard Linux system interface. MT02 Final Version Features The MT02 is designed with a 2 board topology. One standard CPU board provides the PXA255 with 128 or 256MB of 100MHz SDRAM, 32MB of flash memory, and a supervisor IC for hardware monitoring. The second board can be tailored to an application to provide a custom feature set. Available features include 10Base-T ethernet, 10/100Base-T ethernet, a smart 48 hour battery-backed UPS, a maximum of 2 PCMCIA/CompactFlash slots, and additional serial ports (RS232 or RS422). The 2 board system allows a custom solution to be designed at a significantly reduced cost and development cycle.

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